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  As we find new products that we feel make the care & maintenance of our animals easier we will share the information about these products here. If you have something that you would like to share feel free to email us the information to review. 


  Pocatello was a beautiful Watusi that I purchased for $5,500 from Matt Moffat/Matt Moffat Farms out of Piedmont Oklahoma in April 2015. Matt currently sits on the Board of Directors for the WWA, what great representation for an association that is suppose to for improving the breed. The first two pictures are the ones Matt sent me which I used to make the decision to purchase her, it is clear that either they were not current pictures or the Johne's was just entering the final stages. The third picture is of Pocatello the day after she left Matts place. If you read the Bill of Sale you will see that the seller was to provide a Health Certificate which he never did. The Bill of Sale also gives a time period that Pocatello was to be picked up, this was a window that worked well for us both since I work out of state allot and Pocatello needed time to wean her new calf. Pocatello was picked up over a month early at the demand of the Matt Mofatt.  Matt knew that I was out of state working and would not be able to pick her which was to his advantage so I had to have a friend pick her up for me. If I had been available to pick her up I would have refused to take her in the condition she was in and cut my loses. Based on several comments by phone and email after I got her home it is my oppinion that Matt Mofatt was aware that there was something wrong with her. I feel that is why he demanded that she be picked up early & why the deposit was non-refundable.

  After getting Pocatello home we poured the feed to her along with medications that the veterinary recommended until we were able to diagnose her sickness. Regardless of what we did she continued to lose weight very rapidly & miscarried followed by death a few months later.  I tried reaching Matt numerous times but got no response. Finally I had to block my number & he then answered.  I have tried working with him on this issue but he refused and told me "tuff luck". Matt stated that she was healthy when she left his farm and that she must have contracted Johne's disease the one night she stayed at my friends until my ranch hand could pick her up the following day. Please follow the links below to read up on the disease, it will be clear that Pocatello WAS sick when she was at Matt's place. An animal does not contract this disease and die only a few months later, most contract this disease at a very young age and live with it for years before dying.

  Due to this dishonest breeder I spent over three thousand dollars testing every animal in my herd to make sure that all were healthy and Johne's free.  All the documented paperwork from the veterinary clinic shows that Pocatello had been living with Johne's disease for years and that it was the cause of her death. I know there are calves out of Pocatello that Matt Moffat has sold and if you read up on the disease there is a good chance that Pocatellos calves could have contracted the disease. These potentially  infected calves are now in other peoples herds which could lead to the further spread of this nasty disease. If anyone reading this has any animals out of Pocatello it would be wise to test your entire herd for Johne's disease. If you purchased one of Pocatellos calves from Matt Moffat or his establishment then I would be asking myself why did he not inform you of the possibility of the calves having Johne's disease since he was made aware of this issue in early 2016. 

  Anyone looking to get into breeding Watusi should do their home work and do not believe everything you read or hear from others. It is best that you ask to see proof of any issues that may concern you about a breeder or their herd. I also recommend that one pays a visit to the breeders facility to see first hand their herd and their method of operation. Never be scared to ask questions or for documentation, an honest person will cooperate because they have nothing to hide. I do not post opinions, I only state facts that I have documentation on and that will hold up in a court of law. If anyone has questions feel free to contact us. If you are wanting to learn more about this disease then check out our the next article below "Johnes Disease", there are informative links at the bottom of the article.

TW Pocatello



Johnes Disease

 Johnes is a nasty disease that lies dormant for years before the animal starts showing any signs and even then you need to know what to look for.  Many animals die from Johnes and the owners never knew what caused the death. Most bovines under three years will not give a positive result even if they are a carrier of the disease. You can check with your vet but generally it is best to test your bovine once they are three years of age or older. Breeders that have bred animals that have either died or been found positive for Johnes, even if it is years after they have sold them should take special precautions.  If a breeder finds that any of their offspring have been found positive for Johnes then the breeder has an obligation to inform a potential buyer. If the animal is over three years of age then it would be wise to have the animal tested and provide the test results. If the animal is under three years of age then the seller should help educate the buyer & let the buyer assess the risk.  Below are links to animals that I know have been diagnosed for the Johnes disease. If you own any offspring from these animals it would be wise to test your entire heard and take neccessary precautions to try and prevent the spread to others in your heard or other heards. If you are looking at buying an animal thats dam has tested positive or are looking at buying from a breeder that has had animals test positive then you should take precautions and do testing before bringing their offspring into your heard. Below are links to several magnificent animals that have died from this disease & links to help educate on this disease.


Links to animals that have been tested positive for Johnes:

TW Pocatello-deceased

BWS Miss Speck-deceased

BWS Miss Audrey-deceased

BF Blaze-deceased


Educational links on Johnes disease: