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  • Name: BWS Red Thunder (Nubbs)

  • Breed: Watusi

  • Gender: Bull

  • Date of Birth: 03-30-2013

  • WCC Registry #: WCCFP125

  • WWA Registry #: WWAFP4302

  • Zoetis DNA Job #: 32374

  • Price: $3500

Red Thunder having bulbous horns along with the genetics of TW Booger (deceased in November 2013), TS Codi, Rambo, Spotted Thunder, Wa Saubie, Catskill Thunder & many more one can find confidence in this young bull to produce offspring with massive horns. We have spent allot of time and money to create a herd with some of the top genetics so we can offer you some of the best Watusi in the breed. Nubbs was put on numerous different cows and heifers on June 29th of 2017 for spring 2018 calves. If you are interested in purchasing him, please contact Evan @ evanhayes42@yahoo.com

Past Offspring